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October 3, 2011

Canterbury- ‘More Than Know’

Indie snobs won’t be happy that some of the vocals have been tweaked to sound distant and almost echoing, but everyone who likes a bit of mindless dancing down their club should like the guitars and the chorus. If you’re worried it starts a bit weak, keep on going for the end which has more grunt, and which just about justifies the lyrics “We are out of control”. 


I suppose we could say that the UK’s Delilah is trying to ‘do a Katy B’, by bringing smooth, dance orientated vocals and dub-step beats to the pop world, but instead we’ll focus on ‘Go’ as part of the trend for using older lyrics repackaged, in this case Chaka Khan’s ‘Aint Nobody’. The result is something that’s dark, urban, and yet still familiar, and a great post-club soundtrack (providing you don’t get paranoid. If you do, knock two points off and hide back under your bed.)


The Kenneth Bager Experience Ft Aloe Blacc- The Sound of Swing (Oh Na Na)

Here we have vocalist Aloe Blacc teaming up with Danish producer ‘The Kenneth Bager Experience’ (no, that really is his tag, he’s not doing that as part of a 90s music joke.) Anyway, they’ve created a strange song about a fish. Seriously, have a listen. If you’re expecting ‘Sound of Swing’ to have some blues influenced swing don’t, because what we’ve actually got is quick pop accompanied by repetitive hand claps, whistling and children’s voices. And it is as terrible as that sounds. It’s vaguely in the genre of ‘We no speak Americano’, which is supposed to be so silly it’s enjoyable.


Marina and the Diamonds- ‘Radioactive’

Radioactive is the first single off Marina and the Diamonds forthcoming ‘Electra Heart’, and as a change of direction it’s really striking. The indie pop sound has been reduced, and in its place we have some banging trance beats. What makes this better than average is Marina’s powerful voice, with a range you don’t get on most dance numbers (Sak Noel, we’re thinking of you.)


Evanescence- ‘What You Want’

Evanescence are back with their third studio album, but the question is: are they still relevant? Well, they can thank the aging process there’s always a new batch of angst ridden teenagers, and the drums are strong, the guitar is nicely hard, and Amy Lee’s oft copied vocals haven’t tarnished with age. Of course it’s all Goth-pop by numbers, but it should get them a new audience and might make a few guilty pleasure lists.


Eddie Vedder- ‘Without You’

The new face of rock and roll: One man and his ukulele. Okay, come back, it’s better than it sounds. Eddie Vedder, whose place in alt. rock is secure thanks to the still beloved Pearl Jam, has decided to burn up some of that good will by releasing an album called ‘Ukulele Songs’ which is just that. But given that Vedder has a wonderfully troubled voice, mixing that and the plucked little Uke really gives you an intimacy and delicacy. Although, yes, it does sound a bit like the guy down at the tube station busking.



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