Liars – No.1 Against the Rush

May 30, 2012

Liars are always an unknown quantity. They’ve evolved from angular New York punk funk, spent time as pagan witch drowning bards, dabbling in drum fetishism, and turned, on their last album, into rock evangalists. If this single if anything to go by, forthcoming album WIXIW is going to be an offkilter electronic affair, deceptively warm as fresh piss down your leg. It only feels nice til you realise it’s not.
With a subdued vocal performance and the guitars and synths becoming increasingly erratic without ever giving the game away and going batshit buckwild, No.1 Against the Rush is a restrained affair by the bands standards– dare we say a maturing…? Regardless, it’s another evolution for an act that constantly strive on, and one that rewards repeated listening.


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