Like Wet Leg? Want something similiar? Meet Gen

August 5, 2022

Wet Leg have been the big recent indie hit, and deservedly so: a string of good songs, accomplished gigging and a sense they’re meant to be here. But what if you’ve spun Chaise Lounge too much and you want something aurally adjacent for the next few weeks?

So this article originally started as a review of a single called Girl God Gun which came out a few months ago, but it reminds me greatly of Wet Leg’s Chaise Lounge. To me there’s a similar insistent sound and sly humour, albeit GGG is darker and a bit rawer. It’s by ‘Gen and the Degenerates’, a band from Liverpool who released their debut EP ‘Only Alive When In Motion this year. The EP is just as good, but again gritter than Wet Leg. Both have fun and intelligent lyrics.

However there is a disconnect between the recorded songs you’ll find on Spotify etc. and the live show, because Gen and the Degenerates are going to be supporting Skunk Anansie and are gaining a growing reputation for a fiery and punky live show… this doesn’t come across on the recordings.

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