Neverland by Kyla La Grange

May 16, 2022

Kyla La Grange’s early career was a production line of top tier sad bangers such as Vampire Smile, but then she took a break and made a tweet about sorting her mental health. As fans of an act, none of us have any right to expect them to suffer for their art, and if they do a John Cleese and have all their talent therapied out of them then that’s good, they’re going to be okay.

Well Kyla’s back and the good news is she’s still producing sad bangers, and hopefully she’s in a good place while doing so. Neverland’s sadness is a look at aging, and a clear Peter Pan reference. The central line is “I’m still staring in the mirror at 3am sad to wash the glitter off’, and let’s face it, for people like us, who might be a bit older but still love new music, who never fell into just relying on the songs of our youth, it’s a vibe we get a lot, and this absolutely is a song to slip into the mood of.

If you’re younger than we just described, treat this brilliant song as a lesson that, as Kyla says, you’ve got to go down burning as much as possible, don’t waste it. There’s an album too, called ‘While Your Heart’s Still Beating’, and that’s well worth a spin. In fact we’d recommend a trip to ‘Lucky’ once you’re finished with Neverland and that really is a deep down heart breaking sadathon. We love it too.

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