Review: John Wayne Gacy by Skynd

September 16, 2022

Skynd are the mysterious duo who sing about famous murders, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea I admit so, err, try the Ren video from earlier this week? If you’re still here, Skynd have a new song out.

They’ve reached one of the big names in murder, John Wayne Gacy, the one who dressed as a clown. Skynd are sticking to their usual sound, with her voice mostly processed with the barest glimpse of her real sound, and electronic beats. It’s more staccato than their best and is, perhaps, on the verge of putting us off, but we did like the recitation of the victims names.

However, there is a problem, and that’s the video. When Skynd burst onto the scene they had great visuals as well as songs, but since TallyHo! Has left the, err, scene, things have gone downhill. We actually advise you ignore the video and just have the song on, because yes there’s a bloke in clown makeup and Skynd revolving in some bad CGI and the whole thing is poor.

So… I guess we’re saying while we like the song, there’s definite signs of wobbling here. Jim Jones this is not.


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