New Releases Feb 8th

February 8, 2012

Friends – Friend Crush

Sometimes being a New Yorker is a definite advantage. Take Friends. They’ve got a pretty sweet line in throbbing bass stank and Grand Canyon drums, sure. But what they’ve really got to give em the edge is the totally unfair ability to sound cool without really trying. Singer Samantha Urbanis’ Brooklyn drawl could make the text of a Microsoft end user licence agreement sound sexy, which isn’t an accusation you could throw at, say, Leona Lewis. Friend Crush is a reissue of the bands long sold out debut 7”, and has enough shuffle and skank to get even the most club footed grooving. True, if you want emotional depth this ain’t the place to come searching, but if you’re craving a soundtrack to the small hours of another fried weekend then this is the perfect place to get started.


Will.I.Am ft Jennifer Lopez & Mick Jagger – T.H.E.

Mick Jagger was born in 1943. He’s got millions of pounds. He’s probably slipped his leathery cock into most of the fit women in the world at one point or another, and quite possible quite a few of the blokes as well. He’s reached the top of the charts pretty much everywhere there’s people, drugs and record players. For Christ’s sake, he’s even a Knight of the Realm. Like Lancelot. What I’m getting at here is this; Mick doesn’t need to make this record- there are no mountains left unscaled for Jagger. HE’S DONE IT ALL. That leaves me to conclude that there’s only one reason Mick to pop up for a bizarre, vaguely terrifying guest spot on Will.I.Am’s latest electro hopping slick of moron spuff: He does it because he fucking loves it. In which case, fair play to him. There’s part of me that wishes I was 5 years old so I could love this hypercharged pop song without constantly wondering at the fact it’s performed by a man in his late 30s, a woman in her 40s and a wrinkled frugging corpse, but I’m not so I can’t. Hey ho.



Foxes – Youth

This really isn’t my cup of tea, but I’d be blind, deaf and stupid if I couldn’t see that Foxes has got a fair old pop career ahead of her. Youth has got the 4 very important things in its corner- 1) full powered, torch song vocals yearning for youth – 2) Anthemic rumbling production that nods to dubstep, MGMT and Florence – 3) The support of highly influential PR team Darling Department and 4) a singer who is, not to put too fine a point on it, fit.  

As a miserable, punk loving curmudgeon, I’d rather stick on some Pettybone than listen to Youth ever again, however I suspect it’ll be soundtracking a mobile phone ad or a Channel 4 Skins spin off within the month. If you fancy a bit of speculating, I suggest you buy this 7”, wrap it carefully in bubble wrap, and flog it for ten times its original cost around the time Foxes picks up a BRIT in, say, 2014. Just sayin’ is all.

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