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October 11, 2011

Murray James – Protect Me

Before we can consider the merits of Murray James’ song ‘Protect Me’, there is one simple fact that has to be highlighted. That opening guitar riff is definitely reminiscent of the Stones’ ‘Satisfaction’. It’s not just us right?

That aside and given the fact plenty of bands have stolen worse, James’ offering of ‘Protect Me’ is enjoyable enough. He claims to be influenced by classic soul, and to a certain extent this can be heard in this track. It isn’t exactly groundbreaking but offers a pleasant, toe-tapping listen. His gravely voice and the catchy guitar / piano combo offers a summery vibe which given the arctic weather forecasts predicted may be just what we may need in future months.




Owl City- Dreams Don’t Turn To Dust

If you liked Darwin Deez’s ‘Radar Detector’ then you’ll enjoy this. With an interesting combo of strings and synth sounds, ‘Dreams Don’t Turn To Dust’ is a bit of a marmite track. You’ll either love the fluffy, inspirational lyrics, or you’ll just find it all a bit too pretty and needy and want to shove something hard into yours and everyone else’s ears.

The fact that their world tour is titled ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’ summarises exactly how this song is going to sound. Both lyrics and sound are well written enough but whether or not it’s good enough to drive them out of the “One Hit Wonder” status they’re currently languishing in remains to be seen.


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