Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – The Good Rebel

August 12, 2011

The wait is over! After enduring Liam Gallagher’s incessant bitching since Oasis split two years ago it really does feel nice to finally let the music do the talking as Noel bites back.

‘The Good Rebel’ hit the airwaves this week – although it won’t be appearing on the ‘High Flying Birds’ self-titled debut album when it is released on October 17. Instead the track will be used as a B-side to accompany the album’s lead single ‘The Death of You and Me’ when it is released on August 21.

We took to ‘The Death of You and Me’ immediately. While Beady Eye try to distance themselves from Oasis – Noel embraces it, and that warm familiarity is welcome. It reminds us a lot of ‘The Importance of Being Idle’ with its similarly bouncy rhythm and Noel’s high-pitched voice at the start of the verse – while we really like the stomping beat for the chorus and the brass solo too.



We were slightly less enthusiastic by the B-side. ‘The Good Rebel’ drones a tad with the repetitive lyrics “rain, like rain” and “I don’t care for the sunshine” while we still can’t grasp Noel’s obsession with the weather! It’s like when Will Smith tries to sneak ‘Oh, hell no’ into every film. He can’t let it go!

Having said that, you have to bear in mind that this track hasn’t even made the cut for the album. It has a refined sound about it, and could easily have been a B-side on Oasis’ 1997 album ‘Be Here Now’ during the bands heyday.



Beady Eye’s efforts saw them peak at number three with their debut album ‘Different Gear, Still Speeding’ back in February – their singles barely even scratched the surface of the UK charts. We at SupaJam are throwing our weight behind ‘Team Noel’ and although neither track sets the world alight – they are without a doubt a positive start and we are looking forward to seeing whether he can get “one-up” on his brother when ‘High Flying Birds’ is released on October 17.

1. Everybody’s On The Run
2. Dream On
3. If I Had A Gun…
4. The Death Of You And Me
5. (I Wanna Live In A Dream In My) Record Machine
6. AKA… What A Life!
7. Soldier Boys And Jesus Freaks
8. AKA… Broken Arrow
9. (Stranded On) The Wrong Beach
10. Stop The Clocks

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