Review: Dysphoria! At the Psych Ward by Girlcrush

August 10, 2022

Hello, today we’d like to talk about a crime. Girlcrush’s powerful and meaningful song ‘Dysphoria! At the Psych Ward’ has just over a thousand views on YouTube and under 4000 plays on Spotify, despite being out for three months and being fucking awesome.

Seriously. The song never shies away from confronting the issues of gender dysphoria, and is really brutal at time, but also has a brilliant hook and just the most classic chorus of I will never be an independent woman. I can only assume people got scared off, and who where they scared by? Not Girlcrush themselves, who are a quality trio, but the mainstream media’s relentless war on trans-anything.

Ironically, for anyone who has been lulled into anti trans thinking by the right’s chosen Trojan horse, Dysphoria! At the Psych Ward is a perfect counter. It’s truthful, it’s human, it demands empathy. It deserves many more listens, as does their whole ‘I Don’t Feel So Good’ LP.

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