Review: She’s A Rainbow by Ferris and Sylvester

July 1, 2022

Ideally, I want to be writing this on a hot summer’s day. Ideally, I want to be walking through a field with this magically playing as I frolic. Yep, I’m writing this in a chilled pastoral mood because that’s what the song has done to me, even though it’s dull and I’m waiting for a Parcelforce delivery that could happen as soon as I go to the loo.

What song am I talking about? She’s A Rainbow, you know, the Rolling Stones classic where they sing “She Comes In Colours Everywhere,” but I’m not talking about the Stone version. Rather, Ferris and Sylvester have released their take on it.

The Stones version is naughty and sly, Ferris and Sylvester’s is beautiful and chilled and just takes you away to a place full of fields before we had to work out a carbon use for each one to save us. The long term Supajam favourites recorded it themselves, just the pair, in their own studio, and we are pleased to be sharing it with you today.

So, have a spin, and be transported to a better place… and keep it locked for the next heatwave.

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