Rizzle Kicks – When I Was A Youngster

October 24, 2011

Rizzle Kicks’ rise to the top UK stardom is starting to look inevitable. This new track taps into a grand British tradition of pop ska, with 3 decades of influence bouncing around– Harley pulls out some serious 80s style arm swinging dance action, while the drum fills sound like they got lifted straight from an early 90s Rebel MC banger, and the wubbing bass line is pure contemporary dubstep. The boys have got bags of humour in their lyrics, and it’s always refreshing to hear an MC deviate from the hackneyed “I’m the best” formula—in this case Rizzle Kicks talk about all the dreams they’ve failed to meet up to, having instead spent their time knocking back tinnies in the park. Comparison with Daisy Age Hip Hop legends De La Soul and Tribe Called Quest are inevitable, but don’t do justice to the goofy English deprecation that make Rizzle Kicks such an enjoyable prospect- as they amply prove to be on this shining slice of good time pop. 

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