September 5th

September 5, 2011

The Foo Fighter’s have just released “Arlandria”, the third song of their
number one album  “Wasting Light”. Arlandria is a welcome return
to the old school head banging riffs and catchy chorus’s of Foo Fighter songs of
old. The album has been described as the “heaviest album yet” by Foo
Fighters front man Dave Grohl and was even recorded in Grohl’s garage on
analogue tape with producer Butch Vig, how’s that for old school rock and
roll? The single is already becoming a fan favorite during the Foo’s
massive Europeantour and is yet another example of how the Foo’s can still
kick the arse out of any live stage and why they are one of the most
powerful and talented rock bands in the world! 

The New York indie pop rockers The Drums have released the first
Single from there album ‘Portamento’ today. The song is the standard mix of
Joy Division, The Strokes and The Smiths you’ve come to expect from The
Drums.The song is very basic, but like a lot of songs of the past it’s
simplicity brings out its brilliance. The simple grooves and poppy vocals
work very well together here and if the rest of the album is as catchy as
this track then SupaJam predict that the album will do very well.

Posh Indie boys The Kooks have also released a single this week, “Is it
me” is the first single to be released from there album “Junk of  The Heart”.
Now we don’t know why we have such a hard time admitting we enjoy listening
to The Kooks, (maybe its the fact they gave everyone an excuse to wear
cardigans, tight pants, peter pan shoes and style there hair in that
ridiculous frizzy style) but we can not fault this song. Everything is
crafted perfectly and is an instant joygasm for the ears. We might actually
listen to their album for once if this song is anything to go by. For once
guys “it is me” this time…


Last up comes Snow Patrol. Their latest release is “Called out in the dark”

 from the album of the same title. I have to be honest here, ever since 
 “Eyes Open” (which was, frankly, on thin ice) this reviewer has hated Snow Patrol. 
All they ever seem to do is write boring, depressing and plainly dull songs. 
Your twice as likely to feel like committing suicide after listening to a Snow 
Patrol track….right? Well maybe it’s just me but “Called out in
the dark” is exactly what was expected, yet another slow paced dreary track
that never really goes anywhere and has nothing that makes you want to
listen to it again never mind the album!

Have a listen to the tracks and let us know what you think!

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