Shiny Darkly – Shiny Darkly

October 4, 2012


More mini album than single, this 6 tracker from Copenhagen has been around for a couple of months now but has just come in for sale at Rough Trade in the UK, and is more than worthy of your attention. Steeped in pitch black 80s post punk, Shiny Darkly fill cavernous bat-cave-big spaces with deep vocals and discordant guitar. Riding a plodding disco tempo, opening cut Into the Shade sets the scene- doom laden lyrics, a hint of sixties garage sneer, and a lot of existential gloom. Calling side B opener He’s Suicidal is possibly trying a little hard, but hey, English isn’t their first language… it continues on the same route, channelling vintage before-they-were-a-joke Sisters of Mercy and adding a whole lot of howling feedback. High point probably goes to Diana, a lurching psycho surf jam that sounds ready made for a vampire flick, had vampire’s not been turned into dumbass Twilight franchise saps.

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