Shotgun by Evan Bartels (The Bones Version)

May 7, 2022

Evan Bartels’ Shotgun has been around for a while, and we’ve mentioned it several times on Supajam. So why are we doing a review now? Well, the answer is Evan has re-recorded it for his The Bones Volume 1, and he’s made it even better.

A bold claim given that Shotgun was one of the best and most emotional powerful songs ever written, a song in which we hear the dripping pain of Evan as he contemplates blowing his heart away with a shotgun. It chimed in with how you felt, you understood, you knew he knew how you were, and there were magnificent live takes.

So how is The Bones different? Originally Shotgun has been recorded where guitars dominated. The Bones take on Shotgun is purely Evan and a piano and fucking hell does that combination ratchet up the anguish.

Let’s be honest, we hope you never get to a point in your life where Shotgun has its full effect on you. But you can still drink it up anyway, and while polish isn’t the right word to describe this raw bloodletting, the song has been upgraded.

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