Singles from Jagwar Ma – Derreire – The See See – Field Music

March 1, 2012


Jagwar Ma – Come Save Me

Well now this right here is a glorious compact of classic pop and floppy, wide eyed psychedelia. It’s like a tie-dyed Teddy Boy and very much the product of the current vogue for gleeful splicing pop music’s past with whatever was laying close to hand. Come Save Me skips around, all hand claps and harmonies and big Phil Spector production, but, crafty blighter that it is, doesn’t collapse into a horrible mess of styles. Available now on ltd 7” and download from, and we’ve decided to call it SINGLE OF THE WEEK. Woo!



Derreire – Battle Plan

Derriere frontwoman Sarah Tonin has got a fair old voice on her. In fact she’s pretty much carrying this rock n roll pastiche single handed, belting out Battle Plan like Adele without the grumps. Personally I’m tiring of this sort of slavish recreation, but with the continuing success of 50s fetishism (see: Alabama Shakes, suburban swing dancing, and bloody cup cakes), I’d say I’m in a minority. Competently done, and probably best heard live. Available on 7” from Rough Trade, and download wherever.



The See See – Gold & Honey

Good old fashioned indie songwriting just like Pa used to make. Someone should tell Cast not to bother with the comeback, as The See See have got that jangly indie pop sound nailed. Apparently the band are based in London, and if so, I’d like to know where they’ve been hiding all the sunshine they’ve slathered all over Gold & Honey, and if, perhaps, there’d like to share it round a bit. There’s only 500 copies of this coming out on 7” from Great Pop Supplement, and the last release from the label sold out in moments so don’t mess about vinyl lovers. Apparently the B Side is an amazing Krautrock/ Spiritualised affair, but I’ve only got the labels word for it, and they would say it was good WOULDN’T THEY.



Field Music – A New Town

eeeYYOOOOWWWWW Field Music get down! Was anyone expecting FM to dip into Prince’s sticky purple pool of skank for their new track? No ? Well, I wasn’t at any rate… Good for them. Since Pharrell Williams disappeared up his bum some 4 years ago, the worlds been severely lacking some brainy funk and the brothers Brewis have delivered in spades. They’ve keyed into the tension and release that comprise classic dance floor material, and used it to convey their decidedly less funky themes of modern alienation- again, a neat dichotomy (get me..) that Prince in his prime was a master of. Recommended.

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