Skynd tackles the murder of Bianca Devins

October 24, 2023

Everyone’s favourite serial killer themed group are back: yes it’s Skynd with a new audio case file.

This time the song is named after the victim, Bianca Devins, and once again Skynd successful create both a great and chilling song and something that’s respectful to the victim.

At this rate it’s going to have to be a double album.

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  1. Tilda Hellquist

    “something that’s respectful to the victim”, and yet this became her most despised music video according to IMDB…

  2. Cassandra

    Well, I think that music video gave my computer HIV. Don’t click if if you value your sanity.

  3. Mike E

    I find it really strange how a musician like her could say yes to having AI filter be involved in a music video seeing how AI is often labeled problematic by countless of artists.
    I took a quick look at the comment section and there were several other artists who were deeply disappointed in her.


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