Solange – Lovers In The Parking Lot

November 26, 2012

Hi hipsters! I see you’ve all taken Solange Knowles deep within your bosom. You lurve her, right? Shame you weren’t around 10 years ago when she first tried her hand at this whole mega star biznizzz. Unfortunately for the young Solange she didn’t have the Dev Haynes and his indie cred backing her early efforts, and her 2003 debut Solo Star tanked. Now though things have changed and I can’t turn on the internets without one of my fellow East London muppet getting all #YouGoGirl #solange!!

So this is what the fuss is about, a fairly pleasantish RnB plodder written by Dev and Solange. And, look, it’s OK, but Jesus, really I’d rather her some hard trap action from Rasheeda. Since when did trendy = dull as fuck? Make your own mind up below…

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