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August 25, 2012

After masterminding the Dubstep cover of Crossover with an orchestra to great acclaim a few months back, producer Andy Land finally reveals his originals band to the world in the shape of Syrenica.

As expected, it’s a synth laden, production heavy monster that is given a good bit of time to brood before unfolding into a seismic orchestral vixen. It relentlessly ploughs on with some outright violent crunches striking betwixt the more symphonic melodies and the siren-esque vocals of their three lead singers.

Three vocalists is a bit greedy though. They all add different tones, but it’s just selfish to hog them. I’m sure other acts would like one vocalist as good as that, keeping them all to yourself is the kind of thing that doesn’t get you invited back to parties. I’m sure THAT will make them reconsider.

It’s big, it’s beautiful and if you put it in a mix-tape for a girl she will probably let you kiss her. It’s a good start, hopefully they keep it up.

Check out the video here:


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