Unknown Mortal Orchestra – I’ll Come Back 4 U

June 28, 2012

Unknown Mortal Orchestra kick off Adult Swim’s 2012 Singles Programme. Twelve free singles in twelve weeks, simple.

So, is this one worth it?

Yeah, I’d say so. It’s not instantly catchy, but there’s enough interesting things going on to warrant multiple listens. A slight jangle on the guitar has elements of Captain Beefheart’s more accessible moments, the distant echoed vocals sit nicely atop a jumbled box of sounds and the percussive run-off suggests that this could be flexible in a live setting.

It’s a bold choice for a single, yet if you’re looking for something non-threatening but still challenging then you could have a decent bit of fun with this one.

The band name is good too, always important…

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – I’ll Come Back 4 U by Williams Street Records

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