Wheatus – Lemonade

December 4, 2012

Yup, them. That band who did that song (and that awsome cover) in the early 2000s that you probably haven’t heard from since.

To cut a long story down a bit, after their first album sold millions the record company barely promoted their second one. One thing lead to another, the band left their major label and have been doing things independently ever since. They actually have 5 albums out now, so obviously their latest single is from their second album. They explained the reasoning for this on their Facebook page thusly:

Since the album’s creation, the song Lemonade has always been considered the single that never was. It gets requested at live shows just as often, if not more regularly, than songs from our eponymous debut. It has become a favorite of both fans and band members alike, and we’ve always wanted to give it the attention we think it deserves.

So, what’s it like?

Dealing with the issue of infidelity, it looks at all the tightly wound emotion, insecurities and frustrations that the topic requires. It drags out the frustrations and channels them through a catchy power-pop filter. It’s clear why this remained a cult hit for their hardcore fans, it captures the same growing pains as Dirtbag but with an added ounce of maturity as well as a middle-8 that rips down all defences.

Sadly, this song will probably be ignored, prejudged, or totally missed by most people. Rightly or wrongly, the band have “one-hit wonder” stigma and that is morbidly hard to shake off. But if you can tear yourself from the mob mentality for 4 minutes then you really are in for a treat.

Check out the full video, featuring Lego sex and a story, below. Purchase the single here.

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