For a few years now I’ve made a habit of seeking out a massive dance set on the Sunday of Glastonbury, and I’m rounding off with Justice.

From the moment they take to the stage they start building a sonic cathedral. I don’t mean that in a fancy metaphor way, I mean there’s a church vibe to the sounds they start with, albeit with big beats behind them.

I love a set that sets off all your endorphins, that lets you disappear into a literal trance (not drug assisted of course), and the tones of Justice do that. You lose sense of time, of place, and roar into an ongoing party in your mind and body.

Eltronic music is a huge genre, with everything from gentle ambience to the feeling of your head being drilled. Justice aren’t punishingly heavy, nor are they boringly light. They a rock influenced pitch perfect duo and the crowd loves it as much as I do. Of course they are backed by a suitably eye punishing light show.

The pair have been away for five years, but they haven’t slowed, haven’t gone acoustic, have come back refreshed and as good as ever. The hypnotic experience of this set is difficult to explain in words when it’s about a physical experience in the body, chemicals talking to chemicals because of the music, but we recommend you see them.