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Welcome to Your Voice. This is YOUR area of SupaJam. This where you get to have a voice – clue is in the name.

Fancy reviewing a gig either in writing or giving us a short video review? We’ll pay for it if it’s good!

Are you a mad music photographer? Submit your best gig photographs. We will pay for them and if you’re really good we can get you press access once you have proved your chops.

Bands – We love bands and artists.Seriously. We don’t care what genre as long as it’s good. Got a great new video to promote? If it meets our standards we’ll promote it live here. Got any equipment you don’t want and fancy donating it to one of our SupaJam colleges? Fancy coming in and playing for our students? We’d love to host you! Get in contact here.

Stories and reviews – Aspire to be a music journalist and consider yourself a good writer? You can submit your stories here. Got an issue that’s on your mind or have an opinion on a music artist or real life issue? Of course you do! You’re human. We pay for great stories. From your take on the war in Ukraine to AIDS, famine, LGBTQ+ issues , Covid or the current state of the music business , we want to hear about it.

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